About Us

Elite Sprinkler provides clients with world class service and products at competitive prices. We are licensed and authorized to provide engineering service by Professional Engineers Ontario.

Sprinkler Systems Our diverse background in the fire protection engineering industry and continued professional development make us the ideal choice for any sprinkler design. Our portfolio includes an assortment of projects including industrial buildings, schools, community centers, dealerships, high-rise condos and residential houses.

Being that we handle all stages of projects, we guarantee the timely delivery of all drawings, specifications, hydraulic calculations and any other required documents to our clients at competitive prices.

We care about our clients and look to create lasting relationships with them, catering to the needs of our clients at all stages of a project from start to finish, personalizing each project to their specific requirements.

No project is too big or too small. Contact us for a free quote.

Elite Sprinkler Mail: info@elitesprinkler.ca
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