In most North American jurisdictions fire suppression systems in private commercial and government facilities as well as large residential complexes like high rise apartments and condominiums are compulsory requirements. Building codes for new building projects are making sprinkler systems mandatory.

Sprinkler Systems When seconds count most, the race against time is crucial after the outbreak of fire and sprinkler systems play a pivotal role in the outcome of fires. Because sprinkler systems provide the first level of response to a fire, allowing for higher fire suppression success rates, prompt control of a fire is one of the best ways to keep it from spreading.

Reducing the rapid spread of fire ensures that the occupant of the building have an increased opportunity in which to escape. The top priority of a sprinkler system is to allow fire fighting personnel time to arrive on scene, greatly increasing the chances of saving the lives of occupants of the facility.

Sprinkler systems also save buildings, greatly reducing the monetary impact of fire damage to other invaluable collateral.

Rates for fire insurance on commercial buildings such as residential complexes, offices and warehouses are often reduced when a sprinkler system is present.

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